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Pentel Orenz Grip Metal


Mark M.
This pencil is in a league of it's own. For precision work, there is none better. In fact, it's as close as a 'do everything' mechanical pencil available today:

Lead protection is very effective, i have Ain Stein 0.2 2B loaded and rarely have lead breakage.

Long writing between knocks gets it close to an autofeed pencil.

Lead rotation is unnecessary with the 0.2 mm size, the 0.3 does benefit from rotating the pencil in your hand every few words but it's optional!

The grip is different, but I quickly became used to it. It is secure and somehow contributes to the precision of putting the lead in an exact location.

I have a notebook with an extra extra narrow line spacing. At first it was almost unusable for me so I practiced tiny penmanship in it. 0.4 mm is a little big for this application. With other brands of pencils I use 0.3 mm, when I switch to the Orenz metal grip in 0.3 my writing naturally speeds up! With the 0.2 the writing is natural, precise, and even faster. It's just so controllable.

The cost for all this goodness is lead usage. Naturally, very thin diameter lead will wear down faster. For me it's a very acceptable trade-off.