Tried, True, Tokyo Pen Shop Rocks My Socks!

I just placed my 2nd order with Tokyo Pen Shop in less than a year and for good reason. I was astounded by the reasonable prices for "everyday use"...

Nano Dia


Cristian G.
It's the Porsche of lead. Writes amazingly smooth and lasts forever!

Mark M.
Nano Dia is really good. I bought four Uni 552 drafting pencils in 0.4 mm lead size and loaded them with the four different lead hardness grades of Nano Dia. After writing several pages, I can't decide which I like best, they all look good. This formulation works well in every grade. I'm keeping Nano Dia in all four pencils for the fun of experimentation!

Catherine Mercado
By far the best lead I have ever used. Writes smoothly and rarely breaks (only happens when I have the lead out too far and am pressing very firmly). I can't use typical (Bic, mostly) mechanical pencil lead without feeling like a quality writing tool snob! I purchased my first container of 0.4 lead in January of 2010, and still have 6 pieces left!