HOT DOG!!!!!!

You did it again!!! Placed my order on Saturday and got my order on Wednesday!!! It's always nice to have the personal thank you from Kimberly or...

Pilot Mogulair


Michelle S.
This mechanical pencil is amazing. With 2 shakes and you have new lead. This has a very nice weight to it. The shine on the barrel makes it beautiful.

Mark M.
If you are interested in a shaker lead advance mechanism that reliabily works every time, this is the pencil for you. Pilot get so many things right, and the Mogulair is another. After a little practice I am able to advance the lead in my 0.3 mm with one shake. Tilt the top back until you feel the slider move all the way to the top of the pencil, then in one movement bring your wrist forward quickly ending suddenly with the pencil pointed lead tip down. The Mogulair has a smooth plastic grip that's large in diameter compared to most pencils.

The lead cushioning / protection spring works well. Unless you are very heavy handed it's a little overkill for 0.5 mm but very useful for 0.3 mm. I've been frustrated by other brands of shaker pencils, give them several shakes and you may get no lead advance, a single advance, or way too much lead sticking out. With 0.5 mm this is not a big deal since the modern leads are quite strong. For 0.3 mm, however, you need just the right ammount of lead showing to keep it from breaking. This is where the reliable advance mechanism makes all the difference. This pencil is very useful in 0.3 mm, clearly ahead of the competition.

Pilot continues to impress me!