Fabulous Service!

I just wanted to let you know that I got my Jetstream Multi pens in Navy & Bordeux. They look even better in person! Love them! Will you be adding...

Platinum Plaisir


lisa w.
“All You Need”

This is the first Platinum Pen I bought - and I still write with it.

It’s nib is lively, precise, and delightful. it has much less nib/ paper friction- but still complements the efforts of a person who has high standards in penmanship.

I like the heavier weight and the attractively shiny barrel finish that has endured for 2 years of use.

I have paid more and less for pens but this is a strong winner for the choice of a “ person’s first fountain pen experience “.- that you end up keeping and not being embrassed to use around Experienced Pen Collectors.

One note is: I did have to thoroughly wash, rinse and flush the pen during its intial use. Once this has been done I never had a problem with the pens performance for years.

This pen IS a satisfying experience.

This pen is the only fountain pen in the world (at least that I have found) that does NOT dry out without regular usage. I'm embarrassed to admit how many of them in different colors (along with corresponding colored ink) I own and I can pick one up after not using it for months and it immediately writes. I guess I should add that it's a very nice weight,feels good in the hand and the nib is not scratchy. I love these pens, you might be able to tell.