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Juice Up Refills LP3RF


Stephanie P.
Had no issues with my refills at all, all super smooth and works great, colors are very pigmented too. I personally use 0.4, 0.3 is very narrow and since the pen is already so sharp with writing, I just personally prefer the 0.4 out of all the options. Wish there was a cartridge refill for each colour, but its not the shops fault. Cheaper to buy refills then to buy the entire pen set again so this is great too.

Eric C.
Been using these to refill my Tactile Mover pen and I must say I have not been disappointed yet. Very consistent and bold lines. I have tried the 0.3mm and 0.4mm and I would recommend the 0.4mm. The 0.3mm is a bit too thin for my liking, but the great part about the 0.3mm is that it does not catch on paper (I have tested it on notebook paper for reference). I have tried all the colors except for the red and they are all bold and dark. I hope Pilot keeps making these and I will be back for more!