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Sarasa Select Shine Ink


Deborah E.
Just want to preface this by saying this is a review of the product itself and not Tokyo Pen Shop, which is always a pleasure to use!

I didn't love this ink because while the colors are beautiful and the finish is shimmery, this ink dried up long before I got the chance to finish the refills! I had this experience with all five shine colors, and I have other Sarasa inks that were purchased long before these and still write just fine. I wonder if a 0.5 tip is just asking a little much of a shimmer ink, because the tip seemed to get clogged even when they did work. I've tried a few things to revive these refills to no avail, which is so sad because they were beautiful while they worked. So I'd only buy these if you planned to use them within a month or two of opening them.