Love these pens and this website! You guys are awesome!!

Kuru Toga Advance


Joshua W.
I've always been more of a pen person and have only used pencils when it was unavoidable. This pencil in 0.3 has changed my whole outlook. It is an absolute joy to use. I go out of my way to use this pencil. Its lines are so thin and even and smooth! The retractable sheath and rotating lead are not gimmicks--they really work, and perfectly. The eraser is very high quality, and my only wish was that it worked like the Delguard ER. The cap is easy to misplace and hard to put back on without clicking the action. It's best to use this pencil with a separate eraser. That is such a small complaint for an overwhelmingly good pencil, though. Buy this thing. You won't regret it.

Cristian G.
Love the pencil, it's much faster than my Roulette and the packaging was very thoughtful. Thanks!!