Fantastic Pen Shop!

I am fairly new to Tokyo Pen Shop, but after the 3 orders I have made---I will be a customer for life!! Today (1/19/12)I received an order I placed...

Pentel Orenz .5


Alexandra R.
I've been leaning more towards mechanical pencils and wanted four things: (1) bright body color, (2) reliable brand, (3) capable of holding 0.5 mm lead or higher and securely, and (4) simplistic look. The Orenz .5 provides me with all. Bought it in Soda Blue and Mint Green. Once I get my hands on the Peach Pink, Berry Purple, and White, my collection will be complete!

Yaling K.
The pencil really protects the lead as you use it up just like the 0.2 mm Orenz by sliding up as the lead becomes smaller and smaller. The colors are absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend this mechanical pencil!