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Love this shop! They offer a wide selection, including some hard to find items. It is like a Japanese pen candy shop. Everything is so kawaii and...

Tatemo Soft Pen Case by Pilot Japan


Caitlin P.
I bought the red version of this pen case, and I've only had it for about a week but it's easily become my favorite pen case I've owned. I've tried to find a pen case that works for me, but the ones I've tried are way too bulky for my taste. This one is relatively smaller in size (but still holds a decent amount of pens and pencils) so it fits in a backpack without taking up a lot of space. It might also be good to put in a purse, whether to carry pens or other items because of how compact it is. The small mesh pouch is great for smaller items, like an eraser, that would be hard to get to without taking everything out of the case otherwise. The case of lead I use is too big to fit in that pouch, but I am able to reach it easily without removing everything else in the main compartment, so that isn't an issue.