Excellent service and fast shipping!!

This was my first time ordering and things could not have been smoother. I live in Canada, so typically packages from the United States take forever...

Uni Style Fit Shell Three


Lori E.
I received the black with polka dots pen body for my birthday, along with the Uni Style Fit Meister 5. The black with dots version is beautiful. It surprised me to see it alongside the rose pink Meister looking so pretty. I selected black, blue black and brown black for the inks. Even they look attractive through the clear section.

I chose the .5 ink tips, and they give a smooth, nice writing experience. I’ve tried the .38, but prefer the .5 The Uni ink colors I’ve tried (12 or 13) are all nice colors. I highly recommend the Uni Style Fit multi pens and their inks.

FM Brown
This is a very cute barrel and the ink is very nice.

Clara Nguyen
LOVE the size of the barrel, it's not too big to hold on to and it's comfortable. I got the metallic blue and it's a nice sky blue :)