The Juice

I ordered the Juice pens all different colors in 0.5. I love the colors. Took them with me when I visited my granddaughter's 5 and 7 and they got...

Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Refills


Rayne Bair
I'm not a huge fan of gel ink because it takes too long to dry and smudges so easily. I saw the raves about this ink, so I thought I'd try it. It's my first time writing with a 0.38mm nib and I am super impressed with how fast it dried. Within seconds my writing was smudge free. And I love the vibrant color. I'll definitely be getting more colors at some point.

Ramona Metcalf
First purchased these in Osaka and have been using the 0.38 for a few years. Colors are vibrant and in my experience the writing smooth with no skips - even after extensive office use.

Sarah Connelly
These are so great & they write SO smooth but they run out really fast so I would not recommend these to students especially because they are horrible for note taking in the sense that one refill would last me about a week.

Clara Nguyen
So I got the 0.38 and 0.5 to test out the size. I actually ended up liking the 0.38 better, it doesn't skip or smudge and I do have a tendency to smudge if the ink doesn't dry up fast enough. But no issues with that, with this ink. The only thing is that it's maybe not as smooth of a writing as the Jetstream ink. I was sold to Jetstream pens, but I have to say for the color versatility, these come to a close tie with them.

Jonathan Gagnon
All I can say is WOW! I have the Sarasa 3 & 4, JetStream (.7 & .5), the alpha gel pencils. And while I love all my pens from Tokyopenshop, the UniStyle Fit (Meister) with .38---is almost PERFECT. I'm left handed. Smearing is an issue for me. Even the Sarasas, as smooth as they are--smeared. Not the UniStyle Fit. And I deliberately TRIED. The ink is crisp (Gel inks always appear sharper, at least to me) and with my small handwriting style, these tips / ink / custom combo is ideal. I concur with the other reviewers. These are amazing. Thanks Kimberley and Frank for prompt, and courteous service.

Julie Carter
I absolutely love this pen! The .28 nib is wonderfully fine. When I bought mine, I got pink, green, and a pretty light blue as the colors for my multi. I hope more of the fun colors come back in stock soon!!!

kimberly bryant
I have bought these Uni Style pens and refill in the past and I enjoy them alot . I like the colors for this style pen , I also like the casing . They write smoothly every time ! This with the casing makes a really bright , cheerful and fun pen !