3rd time customer

Came across Tokyo Pen Shop after shopping around on EBay for Japan pens (because I like the styles and the way they write) and I couldn't find...

Pentel Orenz Grip Metal .5mm


Mark M.
I really enjoy all 3 sizes of the Orenz. At first, you may think that the advanced lead protection features of this pencil are not necessary on a 0.5 mm lead size. 2 features make this an exceptional pencil in this size: 1.) the lead sleeve completely retracts, making this model pocket safe, and 2.) the lead sleeve moves into the body as you write. This much travel gives me a full written page (with 0.5) before the next lead advance.

The grip feels unusual but I adapted quickly. I found the black anodized grip gives less 'bite' to the rings and is a little more comfortable.