TPS rocks!

I love my new Hello Kitty Coleto multi pen and the Kirarich highlighters! P.S. the surprise strawberry candy was so yummy!

Acro 300


Alexandra R.
For me, writing with a specific pen comes with certain feeling. The 300 makes me feel like I'm writing with an upgraded BIC stick pen. Is this a good feeling? Yes. I remember a time when BIC pens were quite popular and what everyone used. Teachers and students, moms and pops, the service guy, the next door neighbor, everyone! The 300 ink is an upgrade as well; ballpoint ink that's darker and smoother. Also, oil-based ink as well as hybrid ink which the Acro 300s contain are excellent to use with highlighters; the ink doesn't smear at all. Am I happy with my 300? Yes. Have I purchased one a second time? Yes. A third time? Yes. Would I buy again? Yes. Would I recommend to others? Yes!

Dzevad B.
Wow! I cant believe how good these pens are, beautiful classic design, light, for me very grippy due to plastic and fits my fingers perfectly (I prefer my pens to be about 1cm in diemeter). I always liked how Uni Jetstream pens wrote but hated the look and the grip area along with the clip the expensive all metal version is too heavy for me as I prefer very light pens) thus this beauty from Pilot is fantstic. The ink from Accro in 0.5mm is perfect. These Accro pens resemble also one of my favorite Swedish pens from Ballograf called Epoca but with better ink. 5 stars and more from me. Will be using them from now on.