Great for Pen Lovers Like Me!

So I found out about this website through one of my favorite YouTubers that mentioned buying from here. Long story short, I decided to order some...

Sarasa Clip


Alexandra R.
To add to my 2/8 and 2/9/2018 reviews... I purchased this pen in the following 0.7 tip colors: pale blue, green, and purple. The pale blue is a bit light for my liking; however, the green and purple are very nice. Great ink, wide assortment of colors to choose from, and an awesome clip design. Wonderful pens!

Alexandra R.
I purchased this pen in Magenta 0.7. Great ink and tip size (glides across paper effortlessly). Great shade of pink. Great clip (securely holds one to multiple pages). Wonderful pen!

Alexandra R.
I purchased this pen in RED ORANGE in the 0.7 tip size. Great ink and tip size (glides smoothly across paper). Great color (very orangey). Great clip (securely holds on to one and multiple pages) Need I say more?

Claudia Maribel Hernandez Fuentes
love the blue black and how smooth it writes in 0.3 i do believe they are a great choice in gel pens

Desiree Bodenlos
I love everything about this pen, the ink the colors the look of the pen. I want to order all the colors!

Christina Coel
Amazing every single color is consistent from dark colors to neon colors doesn't matter the size either .3 to .7 all are smooth and not scratchy and doesn't bleed through paper. Nice grip feels good in the hand even look professional. In my top 3 for sure.

Elisabeth Bernatska
Sarasa pens are my favorite, and these have incredible color. They write so smoothly!

william brown
I used to dislike gel pens. But now these are one of my new favorite. These
give me better control in my writing. The gel flows smoothly without looking
messy or runny. I recommend to anyone whois thinking about buying one.