So Cute...

I received my order today. I love the Hedgehog and Circle Seals Ice Cream stickers. So adorable. I think I will have to share with my granddaughters....

Kokuyo Mark+ Two Tone 5 Color Set

Molly F.
I have really enjoyed using these highlighter so far. The unique tip design is very handy, its very nice to have to shades of the same color in one pen. The packaging is great too. The pens come is a resealable bag (as is shown above) that has a strip of plastic on the back inside panel for attaching the clips on the pen to so they stay organized. Over all I give these pens a 5/5, the colors are nice, they are comfortable when being griped for writing, and they are a useful tool in any pen case.

wendy m.
Fast shipping - ordered on 3/13/20 and received on 3/18/20. I ordered both these kokuyo two toned highlighters and the propus Smokey pack. Tested in my jibun techo biz mio paper and on maruman loose leaf paper with multiple gel pens- frixon point knock .4, hi-tec coleto .5, Sarasa dry .5, mark on .4—no smearing with mark on and frixon, the other gel pens didn’t smear after i gave them some time to dry. Tokyo Pen Shop also sent me some stickers and a personally signed note- very thoughtful touch.