The Addiction Continues

Well, I just placed my 26th order here at Tokyo Pen Shop, and every single time I press submit, I am still so excited. I have never met a more...

Hi-Tec C Coleto Ink Cartridge


Lori S.
Absolutely amazing. Every ink cartridge I've opened (and there have been LOTS so far) has worked FLAWLESSLY. Amazing flow, color, and vibrancy. Will absolutely continue to order these! My favorite.

Heather G.
Hi-Tec C Coleto is, hands down, my absolute favorite ink! Smooth as silk, never skips, rarely smears, and so many fabulous colors!!

Claudia Maribel Hernandez Fuentes
great colors, nice tipe sizes and they write so smoothly and sharp :)

Rorie Pealer
This is some truly lovely ink. The colors are lovely and the glide of the ink on paper is hypnotic. The cartridges are super simple to install in a coleto barrel and sliding the lip down to engage the ink is easy and satisfying every time.

The drawback to these cartridges, which I had wish I had known in advance, is that the ink gets used up quicker than any pen I've had in my life. Today I wrote three small pages of notes in classes (6x9" page size) and I managed to deplete somewhere around 20% of the ink. It was easy to see this through the transparent body, especially next to a full cartridge next to it which I hadn't used at all.

While I intend to buy more cartridges because I love the ink just that much, I think people should be aware this isn't a workhorse pen.

Cindy Zeng
So smooth!! The colours are beautiful and vibrant. Would buy again.

Charlotte Polistico
I love these refills!!! I am so thrilled that the Hi Tec C come in these multi custom pens and refils . I have had no problem with the 0.4 tip; no skipping or scratching. I just wish Pilot would make these refills the same length as a normal gel pen .

Barbara Sullivan
This is just what I was looking for. I love the way that this pen writes and it is so comfortable to use. Really like the idea that I have five colors in one pen and I do not have to search for each pen for the right color. It is so easy to load the cartridges and you can place them in any order you want. Would recommend this for anyone that is looking for a multi color pen.