Exactly What I Like

My wallet is sorry I have found you, but my heart is thrilled. Pens are my biggest vice and what you are offering is exactly what I like. I got the...

Uniball One 8 Color Set

Jacqueline K.
Uniball has always been my goto pen and when I saw this come out I was so excited. So I ordered a bunch of them with the refill. Both the .38 and the .5. It's a very lightweight pen, nice size from a width perspective. I tend to hold on tight to a pen so the nice rounded body makes for a comfortable grip. The ink is nice and dark..when it comes out. Here in lies the problem. The pen is scratchy and skips...depending on how you hold the pen. I usually hold the pen perpendicular to the paper, and when I do, it doesn't flow smoothly. That was disappointing, with the black ink pens being the biggest culprit. I haven't seen skipping as bad in the red .5 pen. A little disappointing.