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S3 Sharp Drawing Pencil

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Mark M.
Brass clutch, metal clip, lead jam clearing rod, very good diameter grip which extends close to the writing tip for great control, available in two great lead sizes for detailed work, 0.3 and 0.4 mm. This Pilot has many features to it's credit at a fraction of the cost of most drafting style pencils. I keep reaching for it and plan to purchase several more. Highly recommended.

Yaling K.
The barrel of the pencil is plastic, but it still has a weight to it. The tip of the pencil is very stable and writes really well.

Yukari O.
I was amazed at how pretty they looked, I thought they were gonna be a dull transparent color, but the real thing was shiny, clear and absolutely beautiful. They look very sleek and the colors transparent black, light blue, blue, yellow, and red(the ones I got)are awesome, even the yellow(it looks more like a apricot to me)is fantastic (I never really liked yellow). It's cheaper than the other ones and just as pretty(I also got the Delgard and Orenz).What I also like is that they have the 0.3 and 0.4 lead that most other pencilss I know don't have. They are way better than my expectations and perfect for every day use. 9.5/10