Ahhhh So excited!

I just received my order of pens and a notebook! I am so happy! I found Tokyo Pen Shop while on Google searching for Japanese stationery. I wanted...

ILMILY Acro .5mm


Christy L.
I bought the Ilmily Acro to compare to the Acro 1000 that Pilot sells in the US. The Acro 1000 is what I'd describe as the "entry executive" $10 range, including Zebra F-701, G-750 and Sarasa Grand, Pilot G2 Limited, Pentel GlideWrite, Parker Jotter, and so on. Except that Acro 1000 is the only one that's not completely metal. Only its grip section is metal. The Ilmily Acro, while identical in body shape, is completely plastic. It's exceptionally lightweight, which I'm personally not a fan of. It is, however, incredibly glossy. At least half of my rating is purely for the level of shine. Much different than the satin finish of Acro 1000, and quite striking.