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I'm so glad that I (somehow) found Tokyo Pen Shop. I thought I was the only person out there who really loves Japanese stationery and gets excited...

Uni Style Fit Meister 5


Duane V.
I have not had a multi pen since the first came out I believe in the 70's. This pen is lovely. I got the sky blue barrel and the pencil insert as well as .28 blue black .38 violet .38 sky blue .38 green. it is very comfortable to hold, and the ink colors are beautiful. How handy is it to have a pencil on board. love this will be so nice to use with my travelers notebook and bullet journal to have all of them in one pen!

Rayne Bair
I just got this a few days ago. Have never used a custom multi before. I absolutely love it. Love how it writes and love being able to switch from pen to pencil without having to dig around my bag for one or the other.

Tawney noreen
These are the BEST. They look and feel so classy, while being incredibly functional. I've actually started giving these away as gifts, and while there is always that initial "Oh...you got me a pen...how nice" moment, a week later they wind up raving about how awesome the it is! Word has gotten around now, and my friends have started looking forward to their birthdays now, cause they are so curious about the pen everyone is raving about! Down side; I'm now on the hook to buy all of my friends pens... :-/

Gregory Gillespie
This was my first custom multi experience and I can say that now I'm hooked! The black Meister looks very elegant and professional, a nice big size if you have big hands! The eraser on top makes it wonderfully useful and convenient!

Erika Masaki
I have been using the Uni Style Fit for years. I have always used the three option and this is my first time getting a five option shell. The look of this shell is absolutely luxurious and very classy for a multi-function. The only problem I have is that it is a little fatter than the three shell, so there is some getting used to the difference. I am sure I will adjust in no time. Shipping was super fast, as always!!