such a find! such good service!

i have been a customer since 2008, and still use all the things i've bought here almost every day. plus they ship so quickly! best. ever.

Pilot Juice


Lori S.
I love these pens, especially for coloring in adult coloring books. As such, I prefer the larger pens, .5 or .7. They write beautifully, and the ink flows very smooth...great for coloring.

Claudia Maribel Hernandez Fuentes
Great range of colors and tips sizes... i'm in love with these pens...i always have them with me

Christina Coel
You will love these pens they are flawless. Each and every color is bold, bright, smooth, consistent, and comfortable. They do not smear or bleed through. Also the shipping is incredibly fast more important they have the best customer service. Can't say enough good things :)

tom chavez
The pilot juice pen is a very good pen. Pilot by far is my favorite pen brand. The colors are very vibrant but they are not as dark as i would like them to be. I have learned if you want them to give out full color you have to use them a lot. Other than that there are no problem with this pen!!!

Lixandra Urresta
I love the variety of fun colors, but I find the 0.5 pen flimsy and "scratchy" as I write and the ink is thin, wish it were bolder.

Justin Sward
The 0.38mm is very fine and looks great for handwriting especially, and the 0.5mm is buttery smooth while making the colors more pronounced (and darker). No bleed-through on standard lined paper (pretty thin) and the flow is consistent without skipping. The colors are very distinct (especially the coffee brown, dark red, and blue-black). The black one is very deep black, so it can look quite bold. I've given a bunch to people as they really like them when they see them. Glad TPS carries these... will be stocking back up!

Julie Ann Manweiler
Love these pens! I've always liked the Pilot G2s but have to say I prefer these now.
And of course you can't beat the customer service and quick shipping from Tokyp Pen Shop! So happy I found you :)

Denis Brousseau
Similar in performance to the venerable Pilot G-2 but with a welcomed upgrade of the barrel.
This barrel is a better fit for people who like to grab their pens close to the tip.