Pure Elation

I have been looking for small nib pens/pencils for years after my favorites had been discontinued; this shop provided everything and more. Everything...

Sarasa Select Ink


Lori S.
This was my least favorite of the mult-function pen inks. I have had several that stopped writing/dried up or never wrote fluidly to begin with. (Except black, which for some reason, I never have a problem with.) Even the character refills have given me problems on occasion. I have had to throw away several of my snoopy refills that weren't even empty because they just stopped working well. I love the pens they make...they always have such cute options, but I think I will switch to the other brand multi pens on this site...I have all of the other three, and I have had no such problems with the other brands, as of yet, and it has been quite some time.

That being said, I have had no problems whatsoever with Tokyo Pen Shop and will continue to order from them.