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Flash Cards


Joyce Lundeen
These are perfect for prizes for my 8-12 year old girls. They will have to write really small, but that is OK. You will love them. Thanks, Kimberly's mom for the suggestion.
Now I want them all.

Erin Hardacker
These flash cards are compact and a perfect way to tackle those lengthly vocabulary lists when learning a foreign language. I recommend using a .4mm pen or smaller to maximize the space and minimize the chance of bleed-thru. The ring that holds the cards together makes it ultra convenient to transport and use -- no searching for stray cards at the bottom of your bag. And, let's face it, there is a definite cuteness factor at work. Whatever it takes to make studying a bit more enjoyable!

Heather Sanders
Love, love, love these mini flash cards. First, they are adorable. Next, the pages are thinner than index cards so it keeps the bulk down, BUT they are thick enough to not bleed through when I write with markers or Sharpies. They are compact and fit in purses, wallets, consoles, glove compartments...seriously, they are easy to carry on you for the purpose of rote memorization. The hinge is awesome because once I learn information I can rotate that card to the back of the pile and re-securing with the hinged ring. AND? They are affordable. I'll be getting more.

Lilly Chen
These guys are so cute! Yes they are smaller than your average index card but they are grat to keep in your purse for a quick study if you are prepping for the LSAT or MCAP. I love them. I bought 4 of them and plan to get more.

Elena Logvinenko
These cards are tiny! They are not your average 3x5" index card size. The sheep ones are around 2x3". They worked out fine for me since I have tiny handwriting and can abbreviate like nobody's business, but if you intend to write more than a sentence on each card, consider your ability to write really small (and consider using 0.3mm pens). If you're using them for language/translations, the size should be perfect. I love these cards. They are adorable, efficient (no more giant flashcards with ~2 words on them), and thick enough that even markers don't bleed though.

Karen Burling
When I first saw these cute cards I wished I was back in school so I could use them! But I really don't want to go back to school. So I found another use. You know when you are talking to someone and you wish that you had something to write on to take down a number, website, email address or just to make a note so you don't forget? Well - these cute little cards are the answer. I have 2 of these now. I keep one in my purse and another in my car. They are super handy and did I mention how freaking cute they are? I get a lot of comments on them and I love it!