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I received my pens yesterday and they are WONDERFUL. Thanks so much for the beautiful product and your fast friendly professional service. Your...

Uniball Signo RT1


Yaling K.
OMG, these pens write so smoothly without skipping. The rubber grip is nice so the pen doesn't slip out of your hands. I have to say, the Blue Black ink color is by far my favorite!

Jacqueline Perez
I am sooo in love with the Blue Black ink!! The pen writes smoothly and it feels very comfortable holding the pen, not too skinny not too bulky. I love that the barrel tip is sort of oval shaped, letting the actual pen tip finish off the point (if that makes sense...) anyway, I highly recommend these :)

Lixandra Urresta
Beautiful smooth pen. Signo has done it again! This new version is light, elegant and the .5 ink is smooth and bold. I love taking notes with it.