I am in love with these pens! I can't wait to get them in the mail!!

Staedtler 925-25


Marie P.
Wow! Immediately goes into my top five favorite pencils. And that’s quite an accomplishment as that ranking has changed in years. Love the heavily textured grip. The pencil is nicely balanced... can use for hours with limited fatigue.

Mark M.
This is one of the best mechanical pencils available today. The grip is near perfect for me, just the right diameter, close to the tip, and the knurling is sharp but shallow allowing a very secure hold to your finger's skin but not deep enough to be felt below the skin. Just like all Staedtler products, every aspect of the ergonomics of this writing instrument are well thought out and refined.

The price is higher than many other mechanical pencils but it's well worth what you get. The mechanism is solid and the all metal construction very durable. I have every size available to the USA and have never had the first problem. The only improvement I would make to this line would be the addition of my favorite lead size, 0.4 mm.