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Acroball L Series


Desiree Bodenlos
This is a great ballpoint pen, I actually had to revisit the page and make sure it was ballpoint because it almost feels like a gel! Pretty barrel, I got the pearl/gold/pink one and will order more to give to friends!

Deborah Ehrick
I love this pen! The ink flows so smoothly and doesn't blot or leave patchy spots. I got the Pearl Gold 0.7 mm pen when I was in Japan over the summer, and I loved it so much that I bought Pearl Pink and Pearl Lavender in the 0.5 mm size from this site. They're pretty to look at and comfortable to hold, too!

Tracee Mobley
I love this pen and love the pearl gold ones in .5! I always have to buy more because someone will see the pen and I end up giving it to them to try! The writing is smooth but not as dark as the Surari ink but I love it nonetheless. I always have one or two on hand. I love it!

Margie Tyler
Love, love, LOVE the Acroball L Series pens! They are incredibly comfortable to grip, the ink flows smooth and consistent, I have not ever had any issues with any of these pends drying out or skipping. I love the barrel colors and how they seem to make my handwriting look amazing! I'm a HUGE fan, will definitely be ordering again!!