Best pen shopping experience there is

My order arrived in a surprisingly short time and I was so excited to receive my pens. The personal touch i.e. the handwritten note from Kim is...

Sakura Ballsign 80


Jillian Martinez
These pens are very similar to the Sakura Gelly Rolls! The unusual 06 size is great if you like larger or smaller tip sizes, so the Ballsign is for everyone! Students, teachers, artists, and especially great for scrapbookers because of the variety of fun colors!

Gregory Gillespie
The water blue color is wonderfully unique. However, the Sakura Ballsigns tend to skip, be inconsistent, and a bit scratchy.

Lixandra Urresta
I was curious to try a 0.6 tip, so I got this gel pen in a few colors. I find it "scratchy" as I write in my journal. Perhaps they're better for crafts, so will likely give them to my crafty friend.