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Pilot Foam Eraser


Laurie Josue
I have tested nearly every eraser out there, and these are tied with the Sakura foam for the best erasers of all time. Foam erasers don't care what kind of paper you're using. They don't care what lead you're using--graphite, color, .5 mm, 2mm, more mm--no problem. You want a pencil mark wiped out, this eraser will wipe it out, with little effort on the user's part, and even less mess. My Pilot foam eraser works so well that sometimes I swear I hear it sucking up lead even before I put it to paper. It takes no prisoners. There is only annihilation of lead. All the Pilot foam asks is that I show it some lead. It will take care of the rest. The trade off is that you will find yourself going through the smaller ones quickly, but it's a small price to pay for wiped out lead.