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First, I want to thank you for getting my order sent off to me so quickly. I also want to thank you for the extra pen you added to my order (Slicci...

Uniball Signo DX


Alexandra R.
Bought this in a 0.5 golden yellow. Comes across a tad orange, but I'm guessing it would have to in order to be seen well enough. Its smooth glide across paper and me being able to clearly make out the color makes this a purchase I'm quite satisfied with.

Sarah T.
I originally got the maroon .38mm in one of the starter pen packs, and quickly fell in love. I love smooth pens that don't smudge and have a fine, distinct line, and this is it. I love all the variety of colors, and my college notes are more concise now. I went on to buy red, black, and emerald in .38mm, and lilac in .28mm. I loved the .38mm and almost used the black one all up, but I found the .28mm would occasionally struggle with dryness and would quit in the middle of continuously writing. This didn't happen with the .38mm, so I'll be sticking with them from now on, since they still have a fine tip but never quit on me.

Alexandra R.
It's difficult to give an opinion about the PRUSSIAN BLUE because I don't seem to find it much different than the BLUE. I've discovered that I'm not a big fan of the 0.38; although, I will use this size if the color is deep enough to provide good contrast, as I find with the GREEN BLACK, BLUE, BLACK BLUE, BLACK, AND BORDEAUX BLACK. Also, I highly recommend (for an alternative to the PRUSSIAN BLUE) the Zebra Sarasa Vintage BLUE GRAY. With this being said, if you like blue ink and a fan of the Signo DX line in a 0.38 tip, then you'll like

Alexandra R.
My review of the 0.5 PINK is based in part on how well I can see the writing against white/ivory colored paper. I find I need a higher level of contrast to see writing optimally. While I suspected the pink might be too light for my liking, I had hoped the larger tip size would make a difference. Sadly, it did not. I also purchased the 0.38 PRUSSIAN BLUE. I was hoping for more of a difference between this particular color and the BLUE. At first glance, I could not differentiate between the two. After staring for a moment, I could see that the PRUSSIAN BLUE was similar to a denim blue and found the BLUE the brighter of the two. Still, not enough of a difference for me.

Alexandra R.
The Signo DX pen with a 0.38 tip in DARK GRAY provides me with what I had hoped for... an ink closest in color to that of graphite lead and a smoother writing experience. I'm satisfied with its performance. The GREEN BLACK is fantastic! Although a 0.38 doesn't produce a wide enough line for my liking, this particular color is dark enough to provide enough contrast which has made the smaller tip size inconsequential. This color is a great alternative to the everyday work colors of black and blue. I love the MANDARIN ORANGE in the 0.5 tip. It offers a smooth writing experience. The line produced is wide enough and this bright orangey shade is bright enough to offer great contrast which is something I need in order to really enjoy a pen.

Alexandra R.
The Green Black is a great alternative to the Black or Blue Black. The color is dark enough for great contrast with white or ivory paper. Sadly, I'm discovering that the 0.38 is just too small of a tip for my liking. It isn't as smooth as a 0.5 or 0.7 which I am used to. The color makes up for the less the smooth feel.

Alexandra R.
I purchased the Signo Dark Gray in 0.38 because I enjoy writing with sharpened pencils but wanted a smoother feel over paper. Sadly, I was disappointed. The color isn't as dark as I would have liked and because the tip is so small, I get the scratchy feel instead of the glide I was hoping for. I believe perhaps a 0.5 tip would've done the job, but this pen isn't offered in that tip size in dark gray. I think I'll get the Frixion Enpitsu 0.7 in black. It isn't gray, but it isn't a deep, rich black either. I've used it in the past. I was just hoping for a more grayish color and thought the dark gray Signo would perform the way that I needed.

Claudia Maribel Hernandez Fuentes
Lovely gel pens... it is great the selection in colors and tips sizes

Karen Alejandra Orduz Castellanos
I haven't purchase this pens but still giving them 5 stars because I've try them, I would love if you could ship to Colombia I've been trying to find a place where I can buy them but it's impossible to get them I would love if you could contact me I would pay the necessary for the shipping. Pleaseeeeee.

karenorduz@gmail.com my info just in case

Brigitte Tarashchuk
I just received these pens and am very happy with them so far. They have a nice weight and feel good to hold, and the colors are as expected. I took away one star only because some of the pens seem to flow better than others, but even so, it's not a problem. I am using them for an adult coloring book and they are just what I was wanting. Also, I received my order in record time--very fast! Thanks, Tokyo Pen Shop. Will be ordering from here again.

puneet jain
hello sir.. i have used these pens a lot..they r great.. but plz can u ship these pens to india... i request u.. i also send the email to kimberly sir,.. plz do the needful as m not getting these pens in india.. i hv used only blue colour of signo.38 and hitec series .4 my contact no. is 9781425001..i ll be very grateful to u for dis act av kindness...

patrice velguth
I ordered the .38mm blue black and bordeaux black a few years ago and they're still in great shape! This pen is perfect for sketching and drawing!

Erin Hardacker
I am a history grad student and take a LOT of notes. I love gel ink pens but could never find one that would write consistently and smoothly under my "heavy writing." The Uniball Signo DX .38 is an awesome pen that withstands long research/writing sessions with ease and my "heavy writing" doesn't trip it up -- the ink flow is smooth and the .38 is perfect for small writing yet bold enough to read comfortably. Heavy writers, this gel ink pen is for you.

Dustin Dyer
I too am a "lab rat" and adore these pens. When I lost my .38 black signo dx I was a wreck. Ordering more as a backup is a necessity once you're hooked. Nothing else can compare.. Even my 0.5 Zebra pencil drives me mad when taking notes or writing chemical subscripts. I LOVE the .38 but am purchasing the .28 as well this time. I too am a 'heavy-writer' and have had no problems! Tokyo pen shop is the best!

annie buchanan
I am a bionerd, with a strong emphasis on math and physics. This means I spend hours every day writing notes and lab reports full of 'arcane' symbols and equations. I _adore_ these pens and even though I'm pen mad, I've never found anything to equal them. They take mounts of abuse, the tips are easily strong enough to go through 2-3 layer pressure copy reports perfectly legible... and under this lab coated exterior beats a whimsical heart.. so I really love that they come in all the colours of the rainbow!! This also makes it easy to track down any would-be hospital pen-nappers! 'I say Dr. ______ is that a uniball signo DX in Emerald?! J'ACCUSE!!!' :D

Must buy more of these.

annie buchanan
I agree. I am a bionerd (lab rat) with strong math/physics emphasis. This means I'm using a lot of 'arcane' symbols in my note taking. The Signo .38mm takes a beating, writes without complaint through 2 and 3 layer pressure-carbon-copy lab forms and the ink lasts ages (especially compared with other gel pens). Underneath this white coated exterior beats a whimsical heart and I really love that it comes in many many colours! (This also helps identify those nefarious hospital would be pen-nappers!! 'I say, Dr. ____ is that a uniball signo .38mm pen in EMERALD?! J'accuse!!!!' :D

Anyhow, great pens... FAB pens... darnit.. now I'm gonna go buy some more. See what you did?

David Skorobrukh
Purchased the Uniball signo DX pens several months ago and cannot stop raving about them! I use these for taking notes in my mathematics courses and my notes are incredibly sharp and legible. I love fine tipped pens and pencils, but the .28mm rocks them all. Writes very sharp but bold enough to read. No bleeding and last quite a long time. It's also very comfortable to hold if you like smaller diameter pens. I totally recommend these pens for any science courses. (I can cram so much onto one page!)