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Kuru Toga Pencil


Penny Jones
I own two of these pencils and use them every day. I keep one in my crossword puzzle book and another I carry with me. I love how they write and the lead rarely breaks like the cheap mechanical ones.

theresa kusy
The Kuru Toga has quickly become my favorite pencil. I am artist who uses "delicate" lines to get the best detail out of my work. While some would argue that its not "proper" for a artist, I personally believe it is not what you use but how you use it! The Kuru Toga keeps lines crisp, straight and clear. The genius of this pencil's mechanism functions to makes it possible for fine work. While the barrel is somewhat thick(as I prefer thin) the pencil still maintains a light feather feel. Which is what I need for swift and quick lines. I highly recommend this pencil both artists and writers alike!

Katherine Barton
The best I've used! My fiance bought me this pencil in silver at a Japanese super market and I instantly fell in love with it. Writes smoothly, keeps the lead coming so you don't have to shake it too often. The best mechanical pencil I've ever had.

Erika An
This is my second order of this pencil from Tokyo Pen Shop. I loved it so much that I had to get another, and I will probably by a few more once school starts. I love that the lead rotates because I am a heavy writer and I am very prone to the "chisel tip" that happens if you don't rotate your pencil. To make things worse, I always hold the pencil the same way, so normally, I just end up breaking off some lead and starting over. With this pencil, I don't have to worry about that. It's a little more expensive than other mechanical pencils, but definitely worth the investment if you do a lot of writing.

Lilly Chen
These are the very best mechanical pencil for the money. They are very well made and write like a dream.

Jolene Enge
Disappointing. I've had the pencil less than two weeks and it has already stopped rotating. It looks cool, but basically is not much different than your average disposable mechanical pencil. Definitely not worth the $$.

Kathleen Brown
All the great things that everyone has written about this Kuro Toga mechanical pencil is true. The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is that while I like it a lot, it won't replace my Kuro Toga Roulette (metal body) pencil. I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative, but personally I prefer the size and weight of the metal body. This is a great alternative for my pencil case though and I love the bright colors.

Zubair Zafar
Best mechanical pencil ever made! The rotation device which you can see on through the transparent grip portion rotates the pencil lead so it never gets that sharp edge that can cut through the paper you're writing on. You can tell it rotates by looking at the little white logo. This is a unique feature that i havent seen on any other pencil. I do a lot of studying and pencil in a lot of my notes on my review texts. So this pencil was a must have for me.

The design and the colors are very attractive. I owe 2 of them (the black and the blue). I would recommend this to anyone, student or professional.

David Skorobrukh
I absolutely love this pencil. The concept is brilliant and work as advertised. It's built well, the only drawback is the color on the tubing
fades/slightly scratches if it's banged around. Apart from that, I don't think I can go back to using a regular mech. pencil due to having a
consistent tip that doesn't "flatten" out. That I was my biggest issue with pencils, I hate when they lose their edge and you have to rotate it.

Stephanie Richards
I ordered one of these pens and loved it so much, I had to have another! I am currently a full time student taking medical terminlogy and the class textbook has areas to write in as you learn the breakdown and origin of each term. The Kuru Toga Pencil writes effortlessly on the semi-glossy pages and the lead never leaves those little hash marks that are so common in other mechanical pencils. For me, the grip is comfortable and my hand never gets tired, even after 3-4 hours straight of writing and studying. The Kuru Togu Pencil is not only extremely functional, but great looking as well. I may just have to get all the colors..._smiles_

Sean Armstrong
Just got my order. Very fast shipment! Keep up the good work!
The Kuru Toga keeps a very fine line. It is fun to watch the mechanism move back and forth. TPS seems to be the only place on the web where I could buy it!
The only drawback that I could find so far is the lack of a better grip. I prefer a gel grip, or something with some give to it. The Kuru Toga has a solid clear barrel to allow you watch the logo work its way around the mechanism. There is a small rubber grip below the view window to prevent slippage, but I think it is not enough.