Cold Weather PowerTank

I am so happy with my Uni PowerTank! I spend a lot of time writing in the in the (very) cold and have trouble with pens freezing up after a few...

Apica A5


Emily Fukuyama
This notebook has become one of my favorites. I have been trying to find an A5 sized notebook that can stand up to the abuse of traveling to school everyday, doesn't feather with at least most of my fountain pens and inks, and is readily available and cheap. The Apica CD11 (A5 size) is in a close tie with the Kokuyo Campus notebooks. I did notice some feathering, but only with my flex pen and that is to be expected. I gave it four stars mostly for the number of pages. Fewer pages makes it light weight, but also means it doesn't last very long. The cover seems to be a heavy textured cardstock, but still could stand up to a lot of abuse. For 20 days, it got crammed in and pulled out of my packed backpack, shoved between a couple textbooks and it shows no signs of wear. I am hard on things, so this surprised me. So, if you're looking for an A5 size notebook with nice paper that can take some abuse for a cheap price, look no further.