Beyond amazing service!!! Very happy!!!

I am beyond amazed at how fast my order was shipped and received. My order came carefully packaged so no items were harmed. It also came with a...

Kirarich Singles


Maegan Wolfington
These are the coolest highlighters I've ever had. I bought them in yellow and pink. They are super glittery. I'm a little sad there isn't an orange version, though.

You can see how much ink is left because the barrels are slightly see-through. The pen tips push upwards into the pen if you push them onto the paper hard enough. I'm not really sure why it does that. It reminds me of fabric paint pens, so maybe it does that to get more ink. Just be careful if you tend to use a lot of pressure when you highlight. Don't close your book or touch the ink right after you've written something, though. It takes a few moments to dry. Also, ink kind of pools together once you finish writing something and leaves that spot darker, but writing fast and with the tip of the chisel help. Just be careful, as you would with any glitter product.