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I found them looking for some legit stationary. As a college student - I'm used to getting the same old customer treatment - you know - your credit...


Happy New Customer

Wednesday 09 April, 2014

In my work, corrections and changes to copyright statements, footnotes, and other small, point-size texts are needed. Thumbing through office supply catalogs didn't yield a single, .38 mm or less pen tip in green, the color needed for work. Calls to local art and office supply stores also drew a blank.

Then I went online and was excited to find Tokyo Pen Shop with a USA address. They even have .28 and .25 mm pen tips! (although I can't tell the difference in line widths between the .25 Slicci, and the other three I ordered:
Uniball Signo DX .28 mm
Uni Style Fit Single, .28 mm
Uniball Signo RT1, .28 mm;

to test which might work best. Discovery: They're all excellent and all comparable, for my needs!

By nature they can't flow like an everyday TUL writing ball point. These pens give slight, normal resistance when writing, which means one naturally has to write a bit more slowly. This is an unavoidable trade-off for pens with such fine tips.

Every pen has the promised ultra fine points, even ink flow, clean lines, no drips. I like the feel of holding all of them. The Uni Style Fit Single has a somewhat thinner barrel--but no problem for me. I'm very happy with all these pens which fill my special needs!

The Tokyo Pen Shop Web site is beautifully designed--easy to read and follow. I received the pens, nicely packaged, in three biz days. My experience as a first-time buyer has been top-notch. Seems to be a company of body, mind, heart, and soul! Mary M.
Testimonial By: Mary M.