Extremely Satisfied!

So, my friend came back from a trip to japan and she gave me these really cool minimalist pens that were .38 sized. I write in a exceptionally small...


Why am I still surprised?

Monday 13 April, 2015

Really, at this point I should no longer be surprised by how quickly my orders come in. But seriously? Ordered on Saturday, arrived at noon on Monday. Complete with a handwritten "Enjoy" note from Kimberly and a cute Tokyo Pen Shop sticker.

I first found Tokyo Pen Shop in my search for authentic Hi-Tec C pens (there are a lot of fakes floating around the internet!) and have found other awesome pens/highlighters/notebooks/etc. as a result. I love the thorough descriptions of the products offered. Just one warning: friends will love borrowing your writing utensils, so guard them well and gift them well!
Testimonial By: Ellen K.