Love This Shop!!

I am very pleased with the selection and with the service. I wanted to try a couple of the Pilot Juice pens in different sizes, and here I could...


The Best Pen Shop of the Midwest

Friday 15 September, 2017

I found the Tokyo Pen Shop website when searching for custom multi-pens. I'm so glad I did. I referred to [competitor], but Tokyo Pen Shop has things [competitor] does not. I had no intention of buying the Snoopy products I did, but there they were.

The videos Kimberly records are fun and informative to watch. The Pen Refill Matrix is a fabulous resource.

I've placed a second order, and will probably be back for Christmas shopping. I use a lot of fountain pens, but have found multi-pens of interest lately. I never planned to have all the pen makers' pen bodies, but as I noted: Snoopy.

The piece of cherry Hi-Chew candy was very tasty. Thank you for that, for answering my comment, and having this great website. Much appreciated from a fellow Midwesterner.
Testimonial By: Lori E.