Excellent Customer Service

Thank you so much for my order! It arrived literally two days after I placed it, and the personal note was a very nice touch. It is so rare to...


Ahhhh So excited!

Thursday 19 December, 2019

I just received my order of pens and a notebook! I am so happy!

I found Tokyo Pen Shop while on Google searching for Japanese stationery. I wanted to find a shop that was more personable and had a passion for stationery and pen/pencils. During my search on the site for writing utensils, I found they have how-to and review videos on YouTube.

I found custom multi pens and I fell in love. I watched the 'beginner' videos and ultimately chose the Pentel i+(I'm left-handed). When I got the order, the notebook was sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard to prevent bending. All the pens and refills were packed in a reused pen box so pens were not loosey placed in an envelope. They also packaged a Hi-Chew and signed 'Thank you'. All in all, I will be ordering again.

Thank you, Tokyo Pen Shop!
Testimonial By: Ammy N. — Apple Valley, MN, United States