Tried, True, Tokyo Pen Shop Rocks My Socks!

I just placed my 2nd order with Tokyo Pen Shop in less than a year and for good reason. I was astounded by the reasonable prices for "everyday use"...


just awesome!

Friday 08 April, 2011

I shop online most of the time, and I have to say, this has been the best experience I have had, ever.

The shipping was incredibly fast. The package came from California going all the way to New York City and it arrived in 2 days after getting the shipping confirmation, which took less than 24 hours.

Love the little handwritten message along with the frog sticker.

love the free frog eraser thrown in (hi Reddit!) :)

And obviously I love the mechanical pencil and the pen that I received, for those wondering it was the Kuru Toga mech. pencil and the Ohto Tasche pen!

I am definitely a loyal and regular customer from now on!
Testimonial By: Brayan T.