Ahhhh So excited!

I just received my order of pens and a notebook! I am so happy! I found Tokyo Pen Shop while on Google searching for Japanese stationery. I wanted...


I <3 Tokyo Pen Shop

Wednesday 25 July, 2012

I use my Japanese writing tools everyday for art. Tokyo pen shop has been my go to for concepting and sketching pens. Recently, they ran out of stock for the Hi Tec C Cavalier.., so out of desperation went to the local Japanese stationary store.. picked up the pen I wanted and used it for less than a week.. while working with the pen I felt a popping sound in the handle and some pressure on my hand.. I thought it was loose.. so tried to tightened the barrel and tip. Sure enough later it happened again.. went home opened the pen up and found the inner barrel thread was bent.. not once have I dropped the pen nor abused it.. I take my tools seriously and wanted to return the pen to the shop.. read online that they won't take returns or exchanges within 2 weeks without a receipt... really? In the end with Tokyo pen shop I've only received quality products and have been reassured if I had any issues with their merchandise they would handle any concerns. I get my items within two business days and wrapped with Japanese stationary.. :} a great shopping experience to be had. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FRANK and KIM!
Testimonial By: David N.