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Kokuyo Karu Cut Natural Garden Limited Edition Designs

Starting at: $6.25


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The Kokuyo Karu Cut is a clip-type masking tape cutter. You clip it to your favorite washi, and you can get perfect edges on your tape without having to use scissors. Now for a limited time, the Kokuyo Karu Cut Natural Garden series is here!

  • Your choice of 10-15mm size or 20-25mm size
  • 10-15mm design options: Blue Flowers on White, Scandinavian Design on Pastel Brown, and Lemon on Pastel Yellow
  • 20-25mm design options: Yellow Flowers on White, Lace on Pastel Pink, and Geometric Rain on Pastel Blue
  • The original non-limited edition version of the Karu Cut is also available.

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