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I'm blown away by how quickly this company operates. My order was shipped within two hrs of being placed...and I was giddy to see the pkg in my...

RoundTop Space Craft Gold & Silver Series



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RoundTop Japan is a Hiroshima based stationery company that collaborates with many different stationery designers to bring you fun and unique washi tapes! Each roll of Space Craft gold & silver is 15mm X 10m. Sakura Gold, Ring Gold, Coin Purse Gold, Clock Silver, and Stone Silver are die-cut, but the Perfume Silver, Sunglasses Gold, and Cassette Silver are straight edge.


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RE: CLOCK (SILVER) washi... Love the die cut of this washi tape; makes it look like a part of the page. Adds a little splash of color and some sparkle to the page. Its design makes it a washi that can be used for a wide range of subject topics. Love it!