I haven't bought any other type of pen since 2012!

I am so happy Tokyo Pen Shop exists - I bought some pens in 2012 in Korea, and I HAD to find some refills when I came back to the States. Found this...

Energel Black

Starting at: $4.98

Tip Size:
Ink Color:

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The Energel Black is the same great Energel you know and love, with some great new dark ink colors! Energel ink is great for smooth, dark, crisp, and quick-drying writing. The Energel Black comes in your choice of .5mm or .7mm tip size. Refills are available for this pen, too!

The Pentel Energel Click-Top is perfect for left-handers because the ink dries extremely quickly, which means less smudging for southpaws!

  • Smooth writing
  • .5mm have a needle-nose precision for dark and crisp handwriting
  • .7mm have a conical tip for a bold write
  • Quick drying ink
  • Refillable
  • 6 color sets available


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I usually go for the blackest black ink available but these limited Energel Blacks caught my attention. I am really surprised at how much I love these colors. I am particularly obsessed with the Bordeaux Black. I can really see these inks appealing to someone who loves writing in color but needs to keep it professional.