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So long story short, a certain ink refill was out of stock in the color I wanted. I contacted Tokyo Pen Shop on facebook and got a very fast response...

Limited Edition Jetstream 3 Sherbet Colors



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The Mitsubishi Jetstream is an oil-based ballpoint pen that writes as smoothly as a gel ink pen. The Jetstream 3 is a multi-pen including three colors of Jetstream ink (blue, black, and red). This pen holds .5mm tip sizes, but you can refill with the size of your choice!

  • .5mm tip size
  • Each pen includes blue, black, and red Jetstream ink
  • Your choice of Fresh Yellow, Milky Orange, and Pale Mint
  • Comfortable grip
  • Refills available
  • Feel free to refill any size combination in any pen, no matter what sizes came in the pen initially.
  • Slide lever to extract ink choice


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Jetstream is my favorite ink out there, so I can never have too many of their multipens, and the orange sherbet color is adorable and unlike anything else in my collection! Love this pen.