These guys rock.

I found them looking for some legit stationary. As a college student - I'm used to getting the same old customer treatment - you know - your credit...

Limited Edition Mary Quant Series Barrels

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For a limited time only, get these special Hi-Tec C Coleto Barrels with designs from British fashion icon Mary Quant. Quant was instrumental in popularizing fashion trends such as the miniskirt and hot pants.

  • Choose from 6 different Mary Quant barrels: Polka Dot Daisy, Big Dot Daisy, Pink Base Daisy, Colorful Daisy, Cosmetics on Border (Striped), or Cosmetics on Red (Black, White, Red Cosmetic Pattern).
  • Inserts sold separately - this barrel will hold 4
  • Any 4 Hi-Tec C Coleto insert will fit in these barrels


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they are so pretty and fashionable and it is a great way to have your favorites inks with you practically