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I am so glad that I stumbled across one of Kimberly's YouTube videos a few months ago. I wish I knew about the store years ago!! I've made several...

Delful Double-Knock Pencil

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The Pilot Delful is a knock pencil and a shaker pencil in one! You can do two kinds of 'knocking' with this fun pencil. A hard knock will retract and extend the tip of the pencil, and a soft knock will extend the lead. But wait, there's more! This pencil is also a shaker style pencil, meaning you can extend the lead by shaking. We love how fun this pencil is, and the added bonus of being able to retract the tip for safe keeping in your bag or pocket.

  • .5 mm lead
  • Shaker pencil for fun, accurate advancement
  • Available in six body colors
  • 2 knock features - ability to retract and extend tip, and ability to extend lead
  • Very solid feel in a unique body style
  • Excellent white Refillable eraser beneath cap


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I love this pencil! It's definitely the coolest and sleekest design for a mechanical pencil I've ever seen. The lead comes out smoothly when shaken, and the retracting tip is great.