Back Again!!

As promised, I was back again! I ordered nearly the same items as last time (these are my all time favorites, so I'm trying to stockpile!) and once...

Erasable Uni Color


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The Mitsubishi Erasable Uni Color is the perfect companion to our Uni Nano Dia colored lead. Each pencil arrives pre filled with 2 sticks of colored pencil lead to match the barrel color of the pencil. Of course, you can always switch up the color of lead you choose to use! This lead even writes clearly on black paper!

  • Your choice of .5mm or .7mm pencil lead, which matches barrel color of mechanical pencil
  • Easily refillable with colored lead.
  • Available in the following colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Green, Mint Blue, Blue, and Lavender
  • Refillable plastic eraser under cap


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Highly recommend these for anyone who likes to write or draw with colored leads. The mechanical pencils protect the lead so even if you write really hard, the lead will not break that easily. Plus, they look really great on black paper!