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Very happy with my experience. Very fast shipping and very friendly. I have been looking for this pen and could only find it at UK site and very...

Kokuyo Me Mechanical Pencil .7mm



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The Kokuyo Me Mechanical Pencil is a comfortable .7mm mechanical pencil matching the new Kokuyo Me series.

  • .7mm mechanical pencil lead
  • Your choice of barrel color: Shell Pink, Golden Green, Smoky Sky, Chic Plum, Grayish Black, and Tofu White.
  • Shell Pink and Golden Green have gold trim; Smoky Sky, Chic Plum, Grayish Black, and Tofu White have silver trim.
  • Plastic barrel with a soft, comfortable grip
  • Large twist eraser
  • Made in Japan


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A great pencil even you don't normally use 0.7mm lead. There are 4 main features: 1. Non-slip grid which is really comfortable 2. retractable tip 3. rotating eraser 4. silent knocking mechanism (good for library or exam)
5 of 5 Stars
There are honestly my favorite mechanical pencils ever. I use the .7 Uni colored pencil leads in these, and oh my goodness it's a match made in pencil heaven! Highly recommended, even if you usually prefer a finer lead.