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Kuru Toga Advance


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With the new Kuru Toga Advance your letters stay crisp and clear compared to using an ordinary mechanical pencil. Your letters will have a uniform line width and consistent density. The Kuru Toga Advance keeps an even finer point than the original Kuru Toga because it rotates twice as fast. The core rotation mechanism has been reengineered to be even more stable than before! If you have been a fan of the Kuru Toga, you definitely need to give the Kuru Toga Advance a try!

  • Your choice of .3 mm, .5 mm, or .7 mm.
  • We recommend pairing this pencil with the .5 mm Kuru Toga Lead or the .3mm and .7mm Nano Dia Lead.
  • Your choice of .3 mm barrel color: white, lavender, baby pink, and navy.
  • Your choice of .5 mm barrel color: white, navy, red, blue, lime green, and black
  • Your choice of .7 mm barrel color: white, and navy.
  • Refillable eraser