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Limited Edition Orenz Chill Time


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Available for a brief time, the Pentel Orenz Chill Time series is here! The Pentel Orenz is a fantastic pencil for those that like a fine tip but want some extra protection for their lead. They've even taken extra precautions with this pencil to enable you to protect the needle nose tip by making it retractable. The secret to this pencil is the ability to protract just a small amount of lead at a time, leading to a stronger lead point than you would expect from a fine tip size!

  • Available in fine .3 mm or .5 mm tip sizes
  • .3mm available in Clear Navy (popcorn motif), Clear Pink (toast motif), and Clear Green (donut motif)
  • .5mm available in Clear Yellow (smiley face motif), Clear Blue (ghost motif), and Clear Purple (hedgehog motif)
  • 13mm x 9mm x 145mm
  • 10g
  • Refillable lead
  • Hidden refillable eraser under cap
  • Limited Edition Ain Hi-Polymer Eraser


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The clear pink is very cute! I love the little toasts and milk bottles. As for the pencil it’s self, I love it. The mechanism works great and if you wanted to it’s easy to remove in case you prefer a thinner tip size. It’s a very cute limited edition pencil I wish I had seen it sooner, the clear blue one looks really cute.