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Mechanical Pencil Starter Set


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We bundled together 8 of our favorite mechanical pencil products and put a 20% savings on it to get you started! This is our biggest savings offering on a bundled set!

    Set includes:
  • Kuru Toga Advance in .5mm and assorted color. This pencil uses an upgraded version of the Kuru Toga Lead roation mechanisim to rotate lead twice as fast!
  • Mono Graph Pencil .5mm in assorted color. This pencil features the best-in-class Mono Graph eraser, which you can twist to extend as you wear down the eraser.
  • DelGuard in .3mm and assorted color. This innovative pencil has a finely engineerd spring in the tip to reduce lead breakage.
  • Nano Dia in .5mm HB. This Excellent lead from Uni is #2 Density, and fits all .5 mm pencils.
  • Mitsubishi Uni Plastic Eraser. This standalone eraser is made of plastic, not rubber, for a cleaner, more precise erasing experience.
  • Neox Graphite in .5mm 3B. This .5 mm lead is less dense than HB lead (#2) and so it leaves a darker mark on the paper, and is less brittle.
  • Uni Color 3 in assorted color. This fun multi-color pencil comes with Red, Orange, and Blue lead, and can accept any .5mm lead.
  • Tokyo Pen Shop Logo Pen Case. This lined canvas case will securly store your new pencils, lead, and eraser.

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