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Mitsubishi Shift

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The Mitsubishi Shift was developed with a shift and lock mechanism that allows you to retract and extend the nose of your pencil. By using this feature, you will be able to protect your pencil nose when you toss it in your bag or pocket. The Shift was also built with ergonomics in mind! The bottom of the pencil is weighted to reduce strain when you've been writing all day.

The Mitsubishi Shift is color coded based on the lead size. The main body of all pencils is silver, but the accent colors are as follows: .3 = blue-green, .4 = green, .5 = blue, .7 = orange, and .9 = red.

Note: do not load more than two leads into this pencil at one time to avoid jamming.

  • Shift and Lock Mechanism to protect pencil nose
  • Available in 5 color-coded sizes: .3, .4, .5, .7, and .9 mm
  • New matte black barrel now available in .5 size
  • Capped black refillable eraser
  • Weighted bottom


5 of 5 Stars
This pencil is really nice in that it protects the tip by allowing it to retract simply by twisting the barrel. It also has a really nice weight to it a nice grip.
5 of 5 Stars
Ah! I love this pencil. I had a Mitsubishi Uni for three years, over which the tip became slightly bent and the lead was jamming more often (a wonderful pencil though, totally my fault). However, this pencil has this amazing retractable grip (which is totally cool) and the tip protrudes from the bottom of the grip only when you want it to. Before putting it up you just rotate the grip back down over the tip. What's nice about this is that the tip doesn't have some finicky mechanical retraction mechanism to malfunction like some other pencils. The weight of the pencil is just perfect too, the colors are gorgeous, and the metal grip feels incredibly solid. I love it!